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Wix is a cloud-based website building platform (CMS) that allows users to create HTML5 and mobile websites through its drag-and-drop interface. Users can add functionalities such as contact forms, image galleries, blogs, online stores and much more. In addition, Wix offers free web hosting, which means users don't need to buy their own web hosting.

Origin and evolution of Wix


Wix was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. The idea to create Wix came after the founders struggled to build a website for another startup company. They recognized the need for a platform that would allow non-developers and designers to create professional-quality websites for themselves.

The founding team decided to use Flash technology for their website building platform, which allowed users to drag and drop elements onto the page to create their design. Wix officially launched in beta in 2007 and by 2009, Wix had over a million users.


Wix has evolved significantly since its inception. In 2012, Wix switched from Flash to HTML5, which allowed Wix websites to be viewed on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

In 2013, Wix became a public company by listing on the New York Stock Exchange. The following year, it launched the mobile version of its website editor.

Over the years, Wix has added a number of features and functionality to its platform, including Wix Stores for e-commerce, Wix Restaurants for online restaurant ordering and reservations, and Wix Hotels for online hotel reservations. It has also introduced Wix Music and Wix Video, which allow artists and content creators to share and sell their content directly from their Wix websites.

More recently, Wix has invested in artificial intelligence to help users create websites faster and easier. In 2016, Wix launched Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), which uses artificial intelligence to automatically design a unique website for the user based on their answers to a series of questions.

Today, Wix is one of the most popular website building platforms in the world, with millions of users worldwide. The company continues to innovate and add new features and functionality to its platform to help users create attractive and functional websites with ease.

Main features of Wix

  • Drag and Drop Editor: Wix's editor allows users to build their websites by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the page. This makes it incredibly easy for beginners to create an attractive website without the need for technical knowledge.
  • Design Templates: Wix offers hundreds of professionally designed design templates that users can use as a starting point for their websites. These templates are categorized by industry, making it easy for users to find the perfect template for their business or project.
  • Wix App Market: Wix App Market is an app store where users can find and add a variety of third-party apps to their websites. These apps add additional functionality to Wix websites, such as contact forms, photo galleries, online bookings, and more.
  • Wix SEO Wiz: Wix SEO Wiz is a search engine optimization tool that helps users improve the visibility of their website in Google search results. The tool provides personalized suggestions to improve a website's SEO.

Advantages of Using Wix

  • Ease of use: Wix is known for its intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy for anyone to create a website.
  • Professional design templates: Wix offers a wide range of attractive and professionally designed design templates.
  • Free web hosting: Wix offers free web hosting to all of its users, eliminating the need to purchase separate web hosting.
  • Extensive App Market: Wix has a vast app marketplace that allows users to add additional functionality to their websites.

Disadvantages of Using Wix

  • Not totally free: Although Wix offers a free plan, this plan has significant limitations and displays Wix ads on users' websites. To remove these ads and access more features, users need to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Design limitations: Although Wix offers many design templates, once you choose one template, you can't switch to another without rebuilding the website from scratch.
  • SEO performance: Although Wix has made improvements to its SEO performance, it's still not as robust as some other website building platforms.

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