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An Instagramer is a person who uses the Instagram social network actively and regularly, and who has accumulated a large number of followers due to its content. The content created by an Instagramer can vary greatly, from photography and travel to fashion, fitness, beauty, cooking, and much more.

Being an Instagramer is not simply using Instagram; It involves creating original and engaging content that resonates with an audience and often aims to influence that audience's perception or behavior. Instagramers are often thought of as influencers in their respective areas of interest.

Features of an Instagramer

Content creation

Instagramers create engaging visual content that usually follows a certain aesthetic or theme. They can share photos and videos, either in regular posts or Instagram stories. Content can be of all kinds, from food and fashion images to panoramic views of travel and moments of everyday life.


A key aspect that defines an Instagramer is the number of followers. Instagramers typically have a large following on Instagram, which amplifies their reach and influence. However, there is no specific number that must be reached to be considered an Instagramer.


Instagramers also regularly interact with their followers, whether it's through comments, replies to messages, or even through in-person encounters at events or gatherings.

Advantages of being an Instagramer

Being an Instagramer comes with several advantages, including:

  • Influence: Instagramers have the ability to influence the opinions, preferences, and purchasing decisions of their followers.
  • Collaboration opportunities: Many brands are looking to collaborate with Instagramers to promote their products or services to a wider audience.
  • Financial rewards: Some Instagramers can earn money through their activities on Instagram, either through sponsored collaborations, sales of products or services, or advertising.

Disadvantages of being an Instagramer

Despite the advantages, being an Instagramer can also have its disadvantages:

  • Pressure and stress: Instagramers can face a lot of pressure to maintain their image and continue to produce high-quality content.
  • Invasion of privacy: When sharing aspects of personal life on Instagram, privacy can be compromised.
  • Vulnerability to criticism: By having a public presence, Instagramers can be subject to criticism, both constructive and destructive.

The role of the Instagramer in society

The role of the Instagramer has evolved over time. At present, these digital influencers play an important role in shaping public opinion, promoting products and services and generating trends. However, they are also criticized for perpetuating unattainable standards of beauty, encouraging consumerism and blurring the line between reality and the construction of a digital reality.

Monetization on Instagram


Monetization on Instagram refers to the different ways users can make money through the platform. This can be especially relevant for Instagramers, who, thanks to their number of followers and influence, can have several opportunities to monetize their presence on Instagram.

Sponsored Posts

One of the most common methods of monetization on Instagram is through sponsored posts. In this model, brands pay Instagramers to promote their products or services in their posts or stories. Sponsored posts are usually labeled with an indicator such as "#ad" or "#sponsored" to comply with advertising regulations.

Fees for sponsored posts can vary wildly, depending on factors such as the number of followers of the Instagramer, their level of engagement, and their niche.

Sale of Products or Services

Another way Instagramers can monetize their presence on Instagram is through direct selling of products or services. This can be especially relevant for Instagramers who have their own product line or who offer services such as coaching, consulting or teaching.

Instagram offers several tools that facilitate this type of monetization, such as the possibility of including links to an online store in the profile bio, in publications or in stories.

Collaborations and Affiliates

Instagramers can also monetize their presence through collaborations and affiliate programs. In an affiliate program, Instagramers promote a brand's products and receive a commission for every sale made through their affiliate link.

In collaborations, Instagramers can partner with other brands or Instagramers to create and promote joint content, which can help both reach a wider audience.


Instagram also offers the ability to monetize through ads on IGTV. Instagramers who meet certain requirements are eligible to receive a share of the revenue generated by ads displayed alongside their videos on IGTV.

Monetization on Instagram can be a significant source of income for Instagramers, but it also comes with challenges and responsibilities. It's important to remember that authenticity and transparency are key to maintaining followers' trust and engagement.

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