404 Error
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Error 404


The 404 error occurs when the web server is running, but the specific URL cannot be located. Here are some common reasons why it may occur:

  1. The URL is misspelled or malformed.
  2. The link that has been followed is broken or outdated, and the web page it points to has been removed.
  3. The webpage has been moved without redirecting the original URL to the new location.
  4. The web page has been deleted and is not available on the server.

Impact of Error 404 on User Experience and SEO

Error 404 can be frustrating for users searching for specific content, which can hurt the user experience (UX). This frustration can lead users to leave the web, which in turn can negatively impact bounce rates and conversions.

From an SEO perspective, a lot of 404 errors can be viewed negatively by search engines, especially if broken links come from other pages within the site itself. This can result in a penalty in search engine rankings.

Advantages of 404 errors

Despite their drawbacks, 404 errors can also have some advantages:

  • Problem identification: 404 errors can be useful in identifying broken links or navigation problems on a website.
  • Customization: 404 error pages can be customized to provide useful information to visitors, such as links to popular pages or the ability to report the error.
  • Branding and engagement: A creative 404 error can reinforce brand identity and increase engagement, turning a negative experience into an opportunity for positive interaction.

Solutions and prevention of error 404

There are several strategies and tools to troubleshoot and prevent 404 errors:

  • Regular link checking: Using link checking tools can help identify broken links for correction.
  • Redirects: Implementing 301 redirects from outdated or changed URLs to current pages can prevent many 404 errors.
  • Custom error pages: Creating custom and useful 404 error pages can minimize user frustration and direct visitors to other relevant parts of the web.

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